Home Lifts

Home lifts come in both Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) and Incline Platform Lift (IPL) options. Below is a listing of three common home lifts manufacturers:



Ram Trus-T-Lift

What You Should Know

A home lift is commonly used to negotiate stairs between floor levels, access porches from ground-level, or otherwise facilitate entry or access around a private residence. This is different from wheelchair lifts used for commercial and public purposes, which conform to different code requirements.

Be aware that when installing a wheelchair lift inside of a home, either an installation pit or an entry ramp may be necessary to facilitate entry into the lift. However, each option, either pit or entry ramp, has their own specific drawback: pits require demolition of flooring inside of a building, while entry ramps take up additional space indoors. That said, it is worth noting that not all brands require either installation pits or entry ramps. However, not all types of lifts are allowed in all places. Consult with a product specialist for more information.

Finally, many times the location of installation will dictate which type of lift you acquire. For instance, some places require enclosures for lifts rising above a certain height. Moreover, some states require only permanently installed wheelchair lifts, making the use of a portable lift impossible.

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