Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs)

Also known as a porch lift, a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) is a limited use elevating device. VPLs differ from Incline Platform Lift (IPLs) in their method of transportation and installation. For example, VPLs transport a rider vertically over a barrier as opposed to diagonally across a staircase. In addition, permanent VPLs install into concrete slabs rather than travel along railing installed into a staircase.

VPLs should be installed professionally to ensure safety and proper use. As such, most dealers perform the initial installation as well as any relocations and necessary repairs. Manufacturers will have a list of their local dealers and will tell you if the dealer is an installer.

Before purchasing a VPL, contact a product specialist and inform them of your situation i.e., why you need a lift, where you need to put it, etc. This is necessary as the codes governing platform lift design and operation differ from place to place. A manufacturer or dealer will ensure that the lift you purchase will conform to code regulations in your area. Take a look at our code page for more information.

If you are a facility manager, grounds keeper, or architect in need of a code compliant accessible solution to promote the use of a venue, you may benefit from a lift. Similarly, if you are a home owner who has difficulty negotiating a staircase, you may be in need of a lift.

Price for a lift varies with make, model, and situation, so it is difficult to say accurately. However, in general, a Vertical Platform Lift will range in price between $8,000 and $150,000.