Vertical Wheelchair Lift Comparison Chart

There are many facets to consider when choosing a wheelchair lift: height, weight capacity, warranty, and much more. In addition, each lift must conform to specific requirements mandated by the federal government and state/ local agencies. To get you started, the following list offers base information for a few wheelchair lift manufacturers and their popular products. Interested parties should contact a manufacturer for specific details.

Please note: this list is NOT exhaustive. The following chart is provided for reference purposes only and is not intended to be definitive. Wheelchair lifts are governed by a variety of safety and accessibility code on both the federal and state level. Due to the differences in these codes, many additional options exist for the lift models listed here as well as those that aren’t, including further safety features, which may be required in some jurisdictions. Consult with a local code official in your area and a wheelchair lift manufacturer before purchasing.

Manufacturer Lift Model Installation Type Common Usage Vertical Travel Mast Height
Ascension Protégé 5442 Permanent & Portable Options Commercial 42″ No Mast
Ascension Virtuoso 5460 Permanent & Portable Options Commercial 60″ No Mast
Ascension Clarity 16E Permanent Commercial 168″ No Mast
Bruno VPL-3300B Series Permanent Residential 53″ 75-9/16″
Bruno VPL-3100B Series Permanent Residential 53″ 75-9/16″
Garaventa Genesis OPAL Permanent Residential & Commercial 45″ 68-3/8″
Garaventa Genesis Enclosure Permanent Commercial 45″ 68-3/8″
Harmar CPL 400 Permanent Commercial 53″ 77″
Harmar RPL 400 Permanent Residential 53″ Contact Manufacturer for Details
Ram Trus-T-Lift Commercial Permanent Commercial 52″ 85.5″
Ram Trus-T-Lift 52 TTL Permanent Residential 52″ 74.5″
Savaria Multilift Permanent & Portable Options Residential & Commercial 48″ 80″
Savaria Prolift SCL Permanent Commercial 168″ Shaftway with 92″ overhead clearance

Compare Wheelchair Lift Dimensions

Manufacturer Lift Model Load Platform Clear Space Footprint Entry Ramp/Installation Pit Requirement
Ascension Protégé 5442 900lb/408kg 36″x 54″ 48″x 61″ None
Ascension Virtuoso 5460 750lb/340kg 36″x 54″ 48″x 66″ None
Ascension Clarity 16E 750lb/340kg 36″x 56″ 48″x 67″ None
Bruno VPL-3300B Series 750lb/340kg 36″x 54″ 53″x 56″ Ramp OR 3″ Pit
Bruno VPL-3100B Series 750lb/340kg 36″x 48″ 49″x 51″ Ramp OR 3″ Pit
Garaventa Genesis OPAL 750lb/340kg 36″x 49″ 49″x 51″ Ramp OR 3″ Pit
Garaventa Genesis Enclosure 750lb/340kg 38″x 54″ 56″x 60″ Ramp OR 3″ Pit
Harmar CPL 400 750lb/340kg 36″x 54″ 50″x 54″ Ramp
Harmar RPL 400 600lb/272kg 36″x 48″ 50″x 54″ Ramp
Ram Trus-T-Lift Commercial 750lb/340kg 34″x 54″ 49″x 54″ Ramp OR 3″ Pit
Ram Trus-T-Lift 52 TTL 750lb/340kg 34″x 54″ 49″x 54″ Ramp OR 2″ Pit
Savaria Multilift 750lb/340kg 34″x 48″ 52″x 72″ Ramp
Savaria Prolift SCL 750lb/340kg 36″x 48″ Hoistway built to manufacturer requirements, Contact Manufacturer for details 8″ Pit

Compare Wheelchair Lift Warranty Information

Manufacturer Lift Model DriveTrain Warranty Review/Notes
Ascension Protégé 5442 Direct-Acting Hydraulic 20-year drive train/5-year all other/1-year labor limited The Ascension Protégé features ground level access without an installation pit, making it the go-to option for adaptive renovations. In addition, the Protégé is quiet, durable, and its heavy load capacity makes it a favorite in the medical field and diverse communities, such as worship facilities, and universities.
Ascension Virtuoso 5460 Direct-Acting Hydraulic 20-year drive train/5-year all other/1-year labor limited Like its brother the Protégé, the Ascension Virtuoso also provides ground level access without an installation pit, making it a competitor for renovations and indoor use. Furthermore, the Virtuoso also features a ridged safety skirting to ensure nothing, or no one, can get caught underneath it. As such, it is the safety of this lift which makes the Virtuoso commonly found in K-12 schools and universities. The Virtuoso’s 60″ rise ability is favored by conventions centers and theaters where high stages and platforms are common.
Ascension Clarity 16E Dual-Cylinder Chain-Hydraulic 20-year drive train/5-year all other/1-year labor limited Ideal for application in hotels, restaurants, and universities, the Clarity 16E is a high-rise enclosed unit with a modern aesthetic. Related thereto, the Clarity 16E provides clear sight on three sides due to its cabinet uniquely mounting directly onto the landing face.
Bruno VPL-3300B Series ACME Screw Drive 2-year major component/1-year parts Great for overcoming higher obstacles both inside and outdoors, such as porches or small indoor staircases. Available in both enclosed and shaft way models.
Bruno VPL-3100B Series ACME Screw Drive 2-year major component/1-year parts Available with an outdoor canopy cover for protection against rain and sun.
Garaventa Genesis OPAL Hydraulic OR Leadscrew 2-year standard/optional 5-year extended Advertised for use in both public and private setting. The Genesis OPAL is a versatile low-rise lift with many additional options including: 90° entry-exit, larger platform size, and extended warranty availability.
Garaventa Genesis Enclosure ACME Screw OR Hydraulic Drive 2-year standard/optional 5-year extended Available in both an enclosed and a shaft way model. The standard package begins at a max lift of 45″ and additional options reach to 171″. Many features are available for outdoor weather proofing use.
Harmar CPL 400 Belt Driven Ball Screw 2-year parts/1-year for outdoor use units Harmar’s Commercial Platform Lift is advertised as weather resistant for application both indoors and out. In addition, Harmar’s commercial lift is offered in rise levels between 4 and 14 feet.
Harmar RPL 400 Belt Driven ACME Screw 1-year parts Harmar’s Residential Platform Lift features a 77″ lift model option for higher porch lift assistance.
Ram Trus-T-Lift Commercial ACME Screw Drive Contact Manufacturer for Detailed Information A platform lift with a wide range of options, the Ram Trus-T-Lift Commercial can reach an overall max height of 168″ and offers Straight Through, 360°, and 90° entry-exit styles.
Ram Trus-T-Lift 52 TTL ACME Screw Drive Contact Manufacturer for Detailed Information Best suited for outdoor use, the Ram Trus-T-Lift is designed for residential application with rise options available for a range of porch and entryways.
Savaria Multilift ACME screw drive 36-month parts warranty A low-rise platform lift commonly found in both private and public settings servicing main paths of travel. The Multilift is available in portable and enclosed models.
Savaria Prolift SCL 1:2 Cable Hydraulic Drive 36-month parts warranty As a hoistway designed lift, the Savaria Prolift is best suited for large public spaces such as courthouses. The Prolift is offered in two different models with a load capability of up to 1400lbs.


  • Data reflects standard dimensions and specifications reflect standard model accommodations only. Other options may be available.
  • Interested parties should contact the manufacturer directly for specific details as this chart is provided for reference purposes only and is not intended to be definitive.